Friday, 24 June 2011


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RGIIT is a leading institute in IT field.
In a short period of just 5 years , RGIIT have a famous name in IT field specially known for its study and placement.
As the college was established in 2005 so its inappropriate to say that college has well established infrastructure.
Many parts of the college is still under-developed or developing, though developing rate is also not so good because the college is situated in rural area of Amethi.
Until now the college has the following buildings or area or ground  :->

1.It have 3 lecture halls and 1 auditorium (where the class took place.)

2.It have 4 computer labs , 1 EDC lab, 1 lab consisting all (Electric lab, computer lab, Physics lab and Electonics workshop for 1st year students).

3. It have 3 hostels for all three batch separate and one girls hostel.(A new hostel will also be available from this year.)

4. A well established mess is also available.

5. A canteen is also proposed this year.

6.For sports , there is one badminton court for boy and one for girls. Separate TT tables for girls and boys. One Basketball court. One volleyball court.

7.One Guest house consisting around 10 a.c rooms for visitors.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

How to reach at RGIIT Amethi?

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Reaching RGIIT

From Lucknow
After getting down at Lucknow Airport Guests have to proceed on Lucknow Sultanpur Road. After crossing Hydergarh, Jagdishpur & finally Musafirkhana, they have to take right turn on Amethi Road. On this Road after crossing Munshiganj they have to proceed to Amethi upto Head Post Office and just after that building they have to take left turn. On this road they have to travel about 300 meters and then take right turn. Afterwards they have to follow the Road going to Tikarmafi Ashram. It will be around 10 k.m. from the point referred to just now.